"Method Map" for Material Characterization

Frontier Lab has developed a sequence of tests referred to as the “method map” to chemically characterize samples using the EGA/PY-3030D Multi-Functional Pyrolyzer System in conjunction with a bench top GC/MS. This sequence is applicable when characterizing virtually any organic material from volatiles to high molecular weight polymers. The “method map” provides scientists with two simple steps for determining the organic composition of any unknown material:

i. The first step is to perform an Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA). In this technique, the sample is dropped into the furnace which is at a relatively low temperature (ca. 40-100 °C). The furnace is then programmed to a much higher temperature (ca. 600-800 °C).

Compounds “evolve” from the sample as the temperature increases. A plot of detector response versus furnace temperature is obtained.

ii. The second step is to use the EGA thermogram and selected ion chromatograms (EIC) to define the

thermal zones of interest and then perform one or combination of the following techniques:

Use the links below for more information.

Thermal Desorption (TD)

Flash Pyrolysis (Py)

Heart Cutting (HC)

Reactive Pyrolysis (RxPy)